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Re: is this normal??

There are a lot of variations of normal when it comes to poop. LOL! I think you only need to worry if it looks chalky white or if your newborn is not having adequate wet/dirty diapers at this point. If your LO is only a week old and your milk is still coming in it could just be the transition stools that come after the meconium. Definitely talk to your ped or a lactation consultant at your next appt for peace of mind though. As far as leaking out of the pores around your areola, I had that too. It may or may not subside as your supply regulates. I still have one or two pores that leak when my girls nurse and they are almost 4 months. If you're pumping anyway, why not collect as much milk as you can and freeze it in case you need it later? Everyone is different, and the early days of nursing can be so confusing, so if you have access to a lactation consultant or a breastfeeding support group I encourage you to talk to someone in person. Good luck, and congrats on your new baby!
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