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so proud of my DD...and a little sad that she is growing up

I'm just super excited and had to share. So my DD is 27 months now, and we did EC with her, so she's been using the potty for a long time now (with our help for a while, and then independently). She always uses the potty for #2, and most of the time for pee. She still wears a diaper if we're away from the house for long, but most of the time, she'll keep the same dry diaper on all day. The main times we still had wet diapers were naptime and night time. So no big deal, I was just really happy with all the daytime dryness.

BUT...DH set up her toddler bed Monday night, and since she's been in her toddler bed (vs. the crib) whenever she wakes up, she gets undressed and goes potty all by herself first thing (she has a little area in her room where her potty, books, and wipes are set up), then she'll come in our room and let me know she's up and usually hand me a dry diaper. I just can't get over how independent she is all the sudden... It's really like she was *ready* to get out of that crib so she could just take care of business all on her own. Almost makes me a little weepy thinking of how grown up she is...
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