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Re: Anyone's DH resistant to extended breastfeeding

I really didn't know how long we would nurse, so when DD was younger and DH would talk about her weaning, I didn't have much to say either way. I guess I used the smile and nod strategy.

Neither of us imagined she would nurse this long (she will be 3 next month) and she is not ready to wean yet. She nurses two or three times a day only, and now she goes to sleep without nursing, so it really isn't burdensome at all, and nursing honestly doesn't affect DH's parenting in the least. She accepts comfort from us, him especially, in other ways (hugs, snuggling, reading stories together, etc.) so it's not our only tool for comforting her.

We did nightwean around 18 months, which made a huge difference in how I felt overall. I think that's worth doing if your baby still wakes at night to nurse after 12 months.
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