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my DH thinks anything beyond the first couple months is extended bf! Sigh...with my first I just didn't really know any better and hadn't known anyone to ext bf so we decided to give ds a bottle at night starting around 3 weeks. I didn't own a pump and just didn't know how it would affect me so obviously my supply started dropping and he got more and more bottles until I just ran dry by 4 months. I thought I was okay with it but i regretted it. So with ds 2 I said NO BOTTLES! well, I didn't co-sleep so I was exhausted and "felt empty" and still just didn't understand newborn behavior so I finally gave in and gave a bottle. I bought a pump and tried pumping but couldn't get much and didn't realize how different a pump is from the baby. Once again I gave up on pumping and my supply was affected and he was gradually weaned until 4 months. BTW, I didn't do on demand nursing. I followed the idea of a "schedule".

Along comes ds3 and I said THIS TIME no bottles! I read more and changed my philosophy but DH didn't. I co-slept fed on demand and even in the early weeks I felt MUCH better than I did with the others. I wasn't as tired and my recovery was easier. I part time co sleep now and DH is okay with that. But he has still asked about bottles and that has been an ongoing discussion between us.

Ds has had a couple bottles but he just doesnt take them well. It is harder on me b/c I can't really be away much but this is what I wanted. But I still get pressure from DH and his mom to do bottles and formula and "real food".

DH says he would rather they get formula and eat more fruits and veggies as kids than to be bf and eat Mac and cheese and nuggets. I bring up the recommendations and he just blows them off as unrealistic and thinks by bf I am making things harder on us.

I think in our busy modern culture we have seem to forgotten that babies are designed to be that attached to the mom. It's survival depends on the constant connection but it seems that everyone thinks that babies should be put down, don't hold them all day, pass them around, etc.

Anyway I guess this got long but I am dealing with a DH that doesn't "get it" but I'm pretty much going to do what I want!
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