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Re: Playtex Embrace pump

Hmm, completely the opposite from the pp...

I LOVED this pump.

I HATED the hard plastic Medela flanges... The Playtex is uber comfortable and removes milk really well for me. It is a closed system, so no chance of milk backing up and getting gross. Has separate control for speed and strength of suction. Love the little bag for milk bottles, can discreetly store milk in the fridge at work.

That said, there is one major flaw with this pump. You MUST buy new cups after a few months. The hard plastic is too weak to withstand being constantly taken apart and put back together. Mine lasted about 6 months (pumping every day for 2 weeks, then later 5 days a week at work) before I lost suction and had to replace them. It cost $30 for a new set. Got them from

I still like it a lot. It is very comfortable, and works great. I did a LOT of research before I chose to keep it (it was a shower gift) over buying an Ameda. I chose it over the Ameda because I heard some of them beep

One note about the drop-ins. Some people can use them, but I spilled milk EVERY time I tried to pump into one. I have to able to sit the thing down on the counter and then start to clean up. I don't know how people manage bags...I just stick to bottles. All mine are made specifically for milk storage: some, Lansinoh, some Medela, some Evenflo (don't buy those, they leak and the lids crack), and the pump comes with 2. I also have some Avent that I bought for the manual, and use those with the adapters. I find those leaked at first, but maybe it was just me. Now I'm just uber cautious about keeping all my bottles upright all the time...

FWIW, I have a manual Avent pump (so jealous about pp being able to hand express that much, my hands are sore before I get 1/2 oz.), and I like the soft silicone on it as well, so I may consider an Avent for next baby.

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