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Pure Fitness for Women facebook post

Here is the facebook post about a breastfeeding mom, write by pure fitness for women in Texas (copied and pasted) I will also include the link:

"Dear members, we understand a member was upset over a breast feeding issue today. We wish to clarify. Today we had a member breast feed her child in the kids club, we asked her to please do so in a more private location pointing out we have thousands of members' children that do not understand. At that age it is the discretion of the parent to determine if at a kids club age the child should learn about the benefits and reasons for breast feeding. We feel that children should not be exposed to these events without every parent being ok with their child being exposed to the action. As a private club it is determined this should be done in a private location. Further, we do feel a member being exposed to children is inappropriate. As women we fully support breast feeding, as adults we protect children as a whole, and as a business have a corporate responsibility to all members and their children. We realize and apologize any discomfort the member may have felt. We simply ask you to understand we have many children we must think of, even at the expense of a single member being asked to show some discretion. We apologize further if this forced an emotional reaction for anyone, we as always, try to do what is best for the whole of our membership."!/pages/Pur...96012657103589

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