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But it's TOTALLY okay for the kids to see women bouncing around in their spandex flaunting their bodies and probably revealing more boob than a nursing mom? Okay, I have no idea if it's really like that. My gym is a community center so tons of seniors. Boy, can you imagine what kind of reaction I would get? Ha!!

It just irritates me that our "modern" and "enlightened" society has got it all backwards! A friend of mine from HS posted on FB complaining about a lady bringing an infant to the movie "Horrible Bosses" and GASP...breastfeeding!!! I'm just wondering how many references to women's breasts the movie made and NONE of them would have had anything to do with breastfeeding! And many of the comments were "gross" and "wrong on so many levels". I'm sure he wouldn't have mentioned it if the baby had been fed by a bottle.
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