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Re: Does anyone else's preemie get dismissed bc of their size or progress?

My twins were born 4.5 weeks early and were considered preemies because of that, but they were born at 6lbs4oz and 5lbs15oz and grew like weeds from then on. Right now they are 13 months old in 24 month old clothes! 90th percentile for weight and around 70th for height. They are very smart little guys, but the only one who really asks about their skills and is concerned about it is their pediatrician (as far as him knowing what they "should" know at their actual ages and adjusted ages). If any little thing is slightly delayed, he says "well they were preemies" but if they excel in any area he doesn't really say much.

I don't completely understand because to me, the doctors might as well have called them full term babies. But I can see how some preemies it really is a factor to keep an eye on with their development. But then again, the teacher part of me says kids are individuals and learn skills at different ages/stages... You can't really pinpoint that a child SHOULD know a skill EXACTLY by a set age. I do AND don't get why doctors do that... But still
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