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Re: please put my mind at ease....

Originally Posted by mama bug View Post
okay, so here's the deal...
I am almost 5 months postpartum, Ebf, we've introduced the bottle a handful of times. I bleed for about the first 2 months after I had ds2, then it stopped. we are very careful when DTD... anyways, I have been so nauseous the last week and a half, mostly after I drink water, i've kind of noticed when I don't drink enough water I feel more nauseous and real hot feeling, i've felt bloated, and achy off and on. tested a couple days ago, negative... whats up with this? if I was pregnant, who it be showing up since i'm experiencing nausea?
thanks mama's
This may be hormonal. I swear that I feel like this all of the time. Especially the hot feeling. Your body is still regulating hormones from being pregnant and from nursing at this point. I think if *should* get better around 6 mo pp. (My little is 20 weeks old so I am totally feel similarly to how you feel.)
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