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I just found out I have strep throat, had symptoms a day, maybe two, before I went to the er with a 104 fever. I had just started the mini pill, so at first I thought I was just having a bad reaction and didn't stop breastfeeding until about an hour before I went in.

I asked the doctor if I should continue to feed ds, and he asked someone in their pediatrics dept. I was told that I could not feed him, but I could pump for bottles as long as I swabbed my nipples with alcohol before, and that I should avoid contact with ds for four days.

Looking online, everything I have found says to keep nursing, that I am no longer contagious 24 hours after starting meds, just to not cough/sneeze on baby, stay out of his face, and wash hands frequently.

Does any have experience with this? What were you told to do?
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