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Re: allergic to breast milk?!

Originally Posted by mamamegn View Post
My DS2 was diagnosed w/MSPI (milk, soy protein intolerance) and they diagnosed him w/it by testing his poop. They found microscopic blood in it, which the doc said meant that his insides were not able to properly digest something - 95% of the time it's the cow's milk proteins from what the mother ate, not the breastmilk itself (per my pediatrician). So, maybe that was the test they did w/her??

The test is not conclusive. It just shows whether or not there is blood present. Then, if there is blood, they say it's usually MSPI. And, technically, it's not an allergy b/c they outgrow it. Their bodies just can't breakdown the proteins quite yet, but usually they can by a year old.

We are still breastfeeding - I went on a crazy diet taking out a TON of stuff, and he still had nasty poo diapers, and screamed for hours. So, after 3 months of not eating dairy/soy, I went back to eating whatever (except I still can't drink milk), and now at 9 months old, he's mostly outgrown it. However, after going through that experience, I can TOTALLY understand any mother who doesn't do the diet and switches to formula. It was one of the most difficult times of my life.
This is what my son has and it made our breastfeeding hell. He was labeled as failure to thrive and later found this to be the cause. He STILL has not outgrown it and he is 2 1/2. I nursed him until 11 months at which time he weaned himself because we had to supplement and the bottle was easier
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