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Originally Posted by Merilwen View Post
He is 6 weeks, and was only breastfed. I did not have a stash ready so we had to supplement formula for a few of his feedings yesterday and today.

I am on amoxicillin, which the doc said would only cause a bit of diarrhea in ds

I probably will just go back to breastfeeding, wear a mask if I get paranoid.
It isn't just breastfed babies - babies and small children are very unlikely to contract strep throat (my sister is a pediatrician and she explained it to me once - but I can't remember the reasons now - LOL ) Like kids under 3 it is almost unheard of.

So I wouldn't sweat it.

Now my personal story - When my baby was 8 months old - I got strep throat. It HURT so bad. I was treated and then like weeks later my baby was sick with something that they happened to take blood work for - guess what!!! She had strep too. It wasn't my regular pedi. The next time I saw her I told her the story and she wrinkled her nose up and looked it up on the computer. She was like, "no way - that is crazy".

I guess my point is that it is rare, and for me we never even noticed it with her (when she did actually have it).

Nurse away!
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