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Re: allergic to breast milk?!

Besides the metabolic disorder where a baby cannot drink breastmilk, there is also a disease called eosinophilic enteropathy. While we never got a definitive diagnosis for my ds1, we believe this is what he had from birth to about 2yo. It is a disease where the immune system reacts to some or all food proteins and causes the body to attack itself (for my ds, his body attacked his stomach and colon). He ONLY tolerated an amino-acid formula. He could not tolerate bm even when only about 7 foods were being eaten--all low allergen.

These babies can be bf if they don't react to many foods but in severe cases, they react to everything. I have even known moms who only drank amino acid-based formula in an effort to continue to bf and their babies still reacted to their milk but were able to drink the formula and not react which obviously makes you think the baby is reacting to the actual human milk protein.

Obviously, this is a pretty rare ds was an extreme case but it does happen.
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