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Re: "Mommy, your tummy is really getting bigger!"

Originally Posted by Shannon
Does your DR not have an US machine in the office? My last one did and did a U/s at nine weeks because she said it was too early to hear the we could determine that there was only one baby in there. Maybe if you tell them you suspect twins they would do a little more looking.
I have midwives, and tend to choose a minimum of medical stuff...I had the option of a 10 week ultrasound as part of a genetic screening but opted not to, I usually just get the 20 week one...

...I think I'll see what the MW says at my next appt (May 16th). If it's twins, I'd probably be measuring large by then, it would be about 16 weeks..., now the wheels are spinning in my head! LOL When she listened to the heartbeat last appt, she was getting 160's, then 140's, so she listened again and did a manual count, it was 160's...she thought it was just her machine, but now I'm wondering...
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