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Can you teach a 3-month-old nursing manners?

I've put up with the hitting, kicking, and shirt-pulling. I know DS isn't doing any of it on purpose (well, maybe the shirt-pulling, he's just understanding the concept of seeing something and grabbing it). But tonight, several times, DS has bitten down AND twisted his head at the same time. He's done both individually but this is the first (second and third) time he's combined them. It hurts like he**! I immediately unlatch him and/or put him down, but moments later he's rooting again and hungry still. I've put off re-latching him but then he starts crying like he's starving to death. Right now he's pretty tired, so it could just be fussiness but OMG it hurts when he does it. I really want to make sure that I break him of this before he starts teething
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