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Re: Megaroos! MODS pretty please *STICKY* this thread

Originally Posted by mama2LEW View Post
Hey Megaroo Mamas- I have been using megaroos on my DD 16months and I love them !

I've got another one on the way and was wondering how Megaroos are at containing ebf poo? Have you had any problems with blowouts? I've never used prefolds before this and am nervous with them on a newbie.
I have never tried them on a newbie and cant EBF anyways, but Ive read other mamas thought they were good. I know they do great on with my boys super mushy toddler poos. I can get a much better grip around the legs with these than I can with a regular PF. If you look through some of the early pages on this thread I am pretty sure some mamas commented on these with a newbie
HTH some at least!
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