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I don't post much in ss or TTC, but I sometimes do. It's been going on 2 years for us. A combo of cycle issues/miscarriage and DH traveling. A friend knows we are TTC and she is too, actually. Her DH is home always and age has ur average 28-32 cycles. I was super upset about spotting for no reason on CD20 (which means missed o and this is AF or it's just another random cycle for me cause my tests are bfn) anyways she said 'it's not ur time' WTH? Those are fighting words. It was my ONLY time. DH leaves tomorrow and will be traveling alot this fall. Anyways, off topic.. But while my pregnancys are really really rough, I think going thru this struggle will change my attitude if we ever get pregnant again. I hate the assumption that since I had two children, that all we have to do is have sex to have another baby. It hurts
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