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Re: Trouble losing weight?!?

Could it be possible you're not eating enough? Not eating enough can result in sluggish metabolism and slow weight loss, I think especially while nursing. I've experienced it myself before when EBFing, and as soon as I upped my intake and focused on healthier foods the weight came off.

My ds is 3mo, and I've lost 8lbs in the last month doing Weight Watchers. Before that I was stalling out and actually had gained a few pounds since giving birth. With WW I am reminded to eat "enough". Otherwise I tend to fall short, my metabolism dips, weight loss stalls, and I feel frustrated... a vicious cycle! It's especially easy for it to happen if you're exercising. You need even more calories to make up for that! Just make sure they're healthy ones... extra lean protein, nuts, dairy, fruits/veggies, etc.

Good luck! Postpartum weight loss while nursing is the toughest!
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