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Re: If I ever get pregnant...

After DH and I got married, we tried for 6 years to get pregnant. We went through lots of tests and tears, and eventually, an IVF that ended up working. I often felt that once I got that positive test, I would never ever whine or moan about it. And then, when DD2 (I got pg while using protection when I was 17, DD1 was 13 when DD2 was born-secondary IF REALLY sucks) was a year old, DH and I amazingly got pg on our own.

I just have to say that, honestly, both pregnancies sucked. They were SO rough on my body. Thankfully nothing serious was actually really WRONG, but I could really feel just how hard it was on my body and how much it taxed my body. Even now, DD3 is 11 months old, I really feel the lasting effects, things that will likely be permanent.

DH and I are sort of whatever/TTC-ing, I guess, right now, for #4. And while I like the idea of having 4 kids, I also struggle with it, and if we get a positive test, I will probably be as freaked out as happy, and NOT looking forward to another pg, even with the prospect of additional IF things going on.
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