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Re: Any advice on explaining b****** to my 3yr old?

I loved the ideas of having a special something to do with the older child while the new baby is nursing!

There is a story my mom likes to tell about when my first brother was born (I was 2 1/4 years old so I don't remember this, but she credits this with our good sibling relationship): She nursed him, changed him and laid him on a blanket and then picked me up and we cuddled. My brother began to fuss and I told her "the baby's crying", and she said, " I know, but he is fine and this is our time to cuddle". My brother fussed some more but my mom kept assuring me that he was fine and that it was our time to cuddle. Then finally I said, "mommy, pick up the baby". So, she put me down and picked up my brother. She let it be my choice, and she really feels like this went a long way towards helping me get over my jealousy.

Good luck!
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