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Re: Daily Chat 8/15-8/21

Originally Posted by chayla View Post
At our house we have DS2 starting Dance Class on Wednesday, DS1 starting back to school Wed., registration for Kindy (ds2) on thurs and a football tourny starting friday night (ds1)! Busy, Busy, Busy

So far so good for the spotting scare for me I am pretty sure everything is fine. Not sure if I will go in later this week for blood draw or U/S. Have to discuss with DH since insurance hasn't been finalized and it'd be out of pocket 100%

So glad to hear everything is fine with the spotting! I remember when I worked at Walmart as a cashier when I was about 6 weeks pregnant with dd1 I started spotting pretty heavily. The OB said it was probably from being on my feet for long periods of time and to take it easy. I quit the next day.

Insurance is so annoying! I hope it gets finalized soon. Its terrible to have to wait on medical care that you need while waiting for insurance to kick in.

Our weekend was good. I spent most of yesterday laying on the couch while dh did almost everything. I barely managed to cook dinner but didn't manage to eat any of it. I took 2 naps on Sat and 3 naps yesterday. the first tri exhaustion has hit! Also the first trimester what is that SMELL has hit very early for me. It has been driving me crazy and of course dh smells nothing.

This week we have playgroup one last day before dd2 starts Third grade on Wednesday, the weekly trip to the library and to look at the ducks, and I REALLY need to scrub down the entire kitchen and mop the floors. I finally got a new mop head for my mop. I just hope i have the energy to to do it.
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