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Re: Austin area mommas

I live in the NW Austin area, near Lakeline Mall. So my SO and I go there all the time. But we find ourselves in RR A LOT. I'll be having our LO there as well.
We hang out at the outlets too or over by the Domain. Even if we don't buy anything, it's nice to get out every once and a while.

I also get most "human" interaction from the computer as well.. I stay at home ALL day, EVERY day during the week (other then going to the grocery store) so on the weekends (some weekends) we go out and about. Sometimes we'll feel adventurous and try to find something new to do. We really need a second, family-friendly car which we should have soon.
I would go hangout down at the pool or something, but it's just too hot and not that fun by yourself.

I really can't wait for our DS to be born in October. Can't wait!
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