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Re: Can you teach a 3-month-old nursing manners?

Originally Posted by cherrycoke View Post
I do think that I have overactive letdown, and for the most part he seems to handle it pretty well. The clamping and turning happened during his usual cluster feeding time though, so I don't think my letdown is causing this behavior, unless it's too slow during that time and he's frustrated at how long it takes to fill his tummy.
Maybe it's the opposite? During his cluster feeding, he wants to comfort nurse but he gets more milk than he would like? My DS sometimes turns and pops off repeatedly during nursing sessions, and usually there's milk dribbling out of his mouth, but then he want to nurse again--I think really what he wants is to suckle, but he gets a lot of milk instead.

I've always thought cluster feeding is a lot about comfort nursing and only a little about hunger--that's just my hunch with my littles, though.
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