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Re: Daily Chat 8/15-8/21

Originally Posted by MNclothdiaperin'Momma View Post
Busy birthday weekend here. Today I get to go in and get my RhoGam shot and probably a blood draw...Hope all looks good. As for this week, not too much. Just helping my MIL get a party together for my DHs Gpas 90th bday. Should be a lot of fun. Hope that everyone had a great weekend.
Good luck with your blood draw and shot! I don't know anything about Rhogam shots except you have to get them when you have negative blood?

Originally Posted by chayla View Post
Amy, why do you have to go get the RhogGam now? I have type - blood too but don't get the shot for a long time. The MW did say if I do have a m/c then I need to get it but that hasn't happened.

Shelly, I took the longest nap on Saturday. I needed it Wanted one so bably yesterday but DH took one instead, he needs it too but dang I wanted one SOooooooo tired and really having a hard time with food, blah

Have you tried the shark steam mop? I love, love, love that thing. Makes mopping so easy. I want the hand held steam one to scrub counters, cupboards and walls!!! Go to They always have these!!!
Oh cool site! I will check it out. Thanks! i hope you get a nap today! I usually just pass out on the couch while kids are playing and dh is playing mario galaxy to entertain them or something. or during dinner when I can't sit at the table with them or I will be sick. they are short 20 minute naps but they keep me going.

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