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Re: Daily Chat 8/15-8/21

Originally Posted by chayla View Post
My DH asked me last night if I told my dad and his wife at dinner. NO! I am not telling anyone else until I get more confirmation that everything is fine. I am glad I have told a select few who will be there for me in a worst case scenerio but that is it. I am not shouting it from the rooftops for a long time. Plus, I like the secret!!!! Im strange like that though
I feel exactly the same way. I haven't even told my mom yet. Or my best friend. Last time with dd2 we told at 6 weeks only because I was so debilitated with exhaustion that we HAD to tell. It was either that or tell them I had mono!

My dh is the opposite though. He is basically like "you're either pregnant or you're not and if you are then I want to tell people". There are no emoticons sufficient for the frustration I feel when he says stuff like that.

We talked yesterday and now we are arguing the same old same old on IM.

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