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Re: How come knowone talks about an oversupply?

I drowned my babies in milk too. I usually nursed on one side for the duration of a feeding and only switched sides at the next feeding to adequately drain one side and avoid baby choking more than needed. My kids both were frustrated, gassy and fussy the first week or so. What really helped was nursing side lying or slightly reclined back in a chair to combat gravity so milk would shoot downward as much. With side lying, the extra milk would dribble out of their mouths a bit so I would carry a bunch of burp cloths for under us and under the babies chins. I would also unlatch them when I would get me first let down for a few seconds before relatching. My lactaction consultant recommended those to me and it worked really well. We only needed to make those nursing accomodations for the first 3 months, then my boobs and babies regulated a bit.

You can PM me if you have any other questions.
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