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Lip Tie

So, does anyone have experience with this? A friend posted her daughters on my Facebook, and I was like. "Well sheet, that looks familiar"

I'm pretty sure big brother had it too. The LC were always asking if I was comfortable feeding because his top lip didn't flair and "looked tight"

I think they decided to leave well enough alone if it didn't hurt me, and he was gaining so, no real issues.

However, with DS2 I feel like his latch is really shallow. I have huge areolas (like a solid 3" across) so there is no way he's going to take it all in. But he's noisey, like slurping and gulping and getting milk everywhere. He slids off really easy. It doesn't hurt me. I may have nipples of steel. He's gaining well too. But he has been kinda gassy and fussy.

I can't decide what's normal, and what isn't :/

durh. I wanted to post a pic

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