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Re: Trouble losing weight?!?

Yep, that's me. I felt so alone after DD1 was born because all I'd heard was how the weight would fall off, and I didn't lose anything except 10lbs--DD's birth weight plus placenta/fluids. Since DD1 is still nursing, I never got a chance to see if not nursing would help me lose weight. This time I really wanted to be more proactive about things, but even though I feel like I'm avoiding sugar and processed foods for the most part (as well as being dairy-free, sob), I still only lost that 10lbs. Arrrgh. Going to try going back to the gym if I can convince DD1 to stay in the toddler room (and will probably ride a bike with DD2 in the carrier0.

So glad you posted about this--a nice reminder again that I'm not alone.
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