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My super precious milk stash....

Background: I nursed both my bio DDs, but always battled with low supply. Looking back, I think I had very little foremilk as they were always hungry and nursed for at least an hour until they weaned, but gained weight.

When we adopted our son, 7 years after our 2nd DD, I wanted to nurse him too but also bottle feed. I didn't want to fight poor supply yet again.

He is now 8 months old and still nursing. He nurses to sleep and for little "nips" throughout the day, but mostly gets nutrition from formula in bottles during the day. I got a great little Medela manual hand pump from a girl (never had any luck with electric pump, and finally sold my Medela Pump in Style about 2 months ago) and try and pump once or twice a day. I usually only get between 1-3 oz, but that's as much or more than I got with the girls So over a few weeks I have managed to build a little milk stash. My first one EVER so I am very proud Wanted to share with those who understand.

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