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Yup he definitely looks lip tied to me. I discovered dd's lip tie (posted a thread u can search for it if you'd like) when she was 4 months old. I was fuming when I first learned about lip ties and realized she had one- I had been to numerous lactation consultants and pediatricians and my midwife complaining about sore nipples, and her total fussiness while nursing. We got treated for thrush etc- well turns out she was just lip tied.

I did some research and read that it's common for upper lip ties and posterior tongue ties to go hand in hand. I knew that an ear nose and throat dr would want to put her under anesthesia so I took her just to get checked for the tongue tie. She is gaining well now (she lost alot after birth most likely due to it), but it's still pretty painful for me- but whatever. I'm not putting her under anesthesia just because of that. It can cause issues with speech and gaps in front teeth- I heard if you can get in to a pediatric dentist they will clip it without the anesthesia. Everyone also keeps telling me that at some point when she becomes mobile she will fall and bust it open on her own, which I imagine is not fun.
Good luck. Hopefully you don't have crappy insurance like me. I "can't" be referred to a pediatric dentist because dd has no teeth. Ugh, lame
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