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Originally Posted by proudmama4
Now is right around the age your baby is regulating daytime sleep. 2-3 naps a day is normal at this age. Naps can now finally start being predictable.

Morning nap: Think 1-2 hours (1 hour at first) after morning wake-up. Yes, after being up for only 1 hour, it's time for the first morning nap! This nap generally happens between 8am-10am.

Midday nap: A rule of thumb is your baby shouldn't be up for more than 2 hours at a time. So after the morning nap, have your baby up for 2 hours and then put him down for his second nap. This nap generally happens in the 12-2pm range.

Afternoon nap: Depending on when the midday nap was, and when wake up was your baby may or may not have late day nap. This generally happens between 3-5pm.

Naps should be at least 1 hour in length. Anything under an hour really isn't restorative sleep. If you baby wakes up crying, that's probably a sign they are over tired.

Bedtime: Between 9 and 12 weeks you should have notice your baby wanted to go to bed earlier. Before babies tend to go to bed 9, 10, or 11pm. Between 9 and 12 weeks they start to show needing to go to bed at 6, 7, or 8pm! At 4 months my twins were going to bed at 6 and 6:30, and sleep thru till about 6:15! How cool is that? Sleep begets more sleep. So we all think keep them up so they'll sleep longer. Try to not listen to that, because it's not true. They will not sleep longer and just be fussy.

You should consider any wake up before 5:30am as a night wake up, and do what you need to get them back to sleep (nurse/sooth/whatever) After 5:30 (goal is a wake up time between 6 and 7am) consider the day started, and put back for a morning nap after 1 hour.

At first get your LO to sleep however works for you, and try your best to put him down for his nap. YOU NEED YOUR FREEDOM! This might take some time. You're baby might fuss for a little, but certainly don't let them scream. Once he is on a good sleep schedule, you can start holding him for his naps every now and then for those special moments. It will give you the freedom to hold him or put him down. You won't be a slave to him! Also once he start sleeping a good schedule, you can start to try to get him to fall asleep on his own. Nurse him and then put him down. Now is a good time to start a nap/bedtime routine. Dim lights, reading a story, nursing, etc. routines don't need to be long, and you can shorten them if baby is really needing to get to sleep.

Sorry so long. Hope this helps and I hope it doesn't come across bossy. I've got limited time, and just trying to get it all down on screen quickly. Let me know if you have questions on what I've said. This all comes from my sleep book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It worked for all 3 of my kids, and I'm not big on CIO. I nurse to sleep a lot, and this book still works wonders for our family!
This is very helpful, thank you! I have the healthy sleep habits book, I just can't seem to get the time to myself to sit down and read it!

We are really struggling with daytime sleep. I can get him to sleep either by nursing or rocking/pacifier, but once I put him down he wakes up right away or shortly after, even if I hold him awhile before putting him down. He ends up way overtired and cranky and I can't get anything done. I do wear him for many naps but I don't want to wear him for every nap!
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