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Re: Breastfeeding and Thrush

Thrush is so evil! My son and I both got it when he was 8 weeks old- It took 2 months to get rid of it. We did Nystatin twice. Both times it would get rid of the appearance of thrush in my LO's mouth but wouldn't actually rid the yeast from his system bc it still came back. By this time I had it too and oh boy was that painful!!! I ended up stopping the Nystatin and just put powder probiotics in my LO's mouth so it had direct contact w the yeast and i also gave him bottles w EBM mixed w probiotics. I also used Jack Newman's APNO and w the combo, it finally went away.

The only side effect I noticed w Nystatin was that sometimes my son would spit up more that normal so I assume it gave him little belly aches.
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