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Re: Lip Tie

Huh... I was looking at that picture (thanks, by the way, for posting that - so helpful) and I was thinking to myself that no one has ever said anything about that to me and my LO's is totally like that (if not worse...). And I am sore. I always have been a little. And his upper lip doesn't really flip up when he nurses. And he's always been a little on the shallow side for latching... huh.

I knew he was tongue tied and we got that clipped at 2 days old, but this helps me understand why things still weren't all that easy. He gains weight really well, and I never got so sore that I had any major problems, but I'm still sore all. the. time. And he's 8 months old!

So, I should go to a Pediatric Dentist? I am definitely looking into this. I've always looked at his gums and thought "man, this kid is gonna need braces in a bad way" but I didn't think it was the reason for MY soreness.... Thank you so much!

Its not a great picture, but he was not too thrilled about me putting my fingers in his mouth because he's teething so.... hope this shows up well enough.....

Also, he has always been a loud eater. Slurping and gagging. I thought it was my OALD and oversupply but now I think this might have been a factor, too....
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