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Re: How come knowone talks about an oversupply?

We are at 7 months post partum, and things have definitely calmed down a bit. DS still has trouble being able to comfort nurse in the evenings (he usually gets an onslaught of milk when all he wants to do is comfort suck), but it is getting better. Block feeding did help a lot, and mostly eliminated the green poop from the foremilk/hindmilk inbalance, although it does occasionally still sneak in there. And DS has also adjusted to my super fast letdown, and most of the time is keeping up now. He is no longer coughing and sputtering at every feeding, which is fantastic.

And I have dealt with both extreme low supply with my first baby (which later became oversupply with lots of hard work to reestablish my supply), and now oversupply and OALD with this baby, and I can say that I would so much rather deal with the oversupply and OALD than the heartbreaking struggles I dealt with when I nearly lost my milk supply the first time around. Oversupply can be very frustrating, but emotionally so much easier to deal with, at least in my opinion.
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