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Re: How come knowone talks about an oversupply?

Originally Posted by MyGirls View Post
Have you tried block feeding? I'm naking, but google block feeding. or kellymom has good info on it.

I had a huge oversupply with all my kids. It does get better but it took awhile (more like 6 months) block feeding is basically setting an amount of time (4hr, 6hr, etc) and you only feed baby from that side for that amount of time.
Like she said... I would say it was more like 6 months. And definitely do block feeding. That totally helped. I could still hose LO down, easily, though.... My DH would watch us struggle, milk going everywhere, LO sputtering and choking and he'd say "Wow... that's like trying to latch a baby onto a fire hydrant!" Its a blessing and a curse. I think most moms who have this don't talk about it much because they don't want to make the mom's struggling with supply feel bad. I know, I have friends that struggle to make enough so I keep my mouth shut because they have said things like "boy... what would it be like to have THAT problem...?!" It makes me feel bad for complaining, though it really can be difficult having so much, too.

LO is 8 months now and I still only feed him on one side. He won't even touch the other side, usually. Once in a rare moon, he will, so I offer, but he never wants it, typically.

I also donate, b/c of all the extra. Maybe look into that option. It might make you feel better about the "problem" since you can make it into a blessing for others. I pump what I can get easily in less than 5 minutes: 4-5 oz.
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