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Re: Trouble losing weight?!?

Originally Posted by tpb2930 View Post
My DS is almost 3 mo and I have lost less than 5 lbs since he was born. I've been going to the gym 2 days a week and eating 1500-1800 cal/day. Not to mention my obscene amount of water. Wth?!? I am soooo frustrated!! I watched my friend shrink before my very eyes when she BF her LO. Not that that was my only reason for choosing to BF but it sure was perk I was looking forward to but my body won't let anything go :0( My SIL said it could be bc I still have had my period? Idk. Anyone relate or have any advice?!?!? Thanks :0)
Honestly, I'd say you're overdoing it. Your body is probably hanging onto the weight because you are stressing it out. Feeding a baby is no small task. Its like 500 cal. a day, just to BF. You're not getting enough calories for BFing plus working out... The numbers just don't add up and when you do that, your body slows down metabolism to compensate. I'd relax on the work out, eat a little more and you might be surprised that the weight will fall off. BFing does this all on its own. No need to diet and over exercise.

Give it a try.

ETA: it'll probably take a couple weeks for your body to adjust from all the working out and dieting, so you might gain a few pounds at first, but then things should even out and you should be able to start losing.
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