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Mastitis - Can DS's ped prescribe the meds to me?

I have mastitis, again. This time it's in the other boob. I don't have insurance (only the kids), so it cost me $125 last time for an exam and the prescription. I'd really like to avoid this expense if I can help it since money is really tight. DS happens to have his well baby appt and recheck possible ear infection appt in the morning by coincidence. I got to wondering if his ped could give me a script for the medicine for the mastitis while we are there? Anyone ever do this? Can they even do that?

*calling the doc I saw last time and asking for a script to be called in isn't an option. I went to an "after hours" clinic and not a regular doc's office. Calling my OBGYN isn't an option. They want $300 "security deposit" paid up front before seeing the doctor and couldn't tell me how much the visit would approximately cost. They require you to have an exam before prescribing meds.
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