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Re: Lip Tie

Originally Posted by colin-mylilguy View Post
I don't know what to do. I must have a high tolerance for pain, though, because even as I type, he's nursing and it just feels raw. Ouch. But, I just keep nursing.
I am in the same spot. You should (and I should ) actually talk to someone who could do something about it and see if they would actually need to be put under. I know it sounds brutal, but it's a pretty quick procedure, you would think they could just hold them down?

DS1 is two, and we have to put him under to put caps on his teeth. It terrifies me. But you can see how bad they are from the picture. I guess his enamel never formed and they grew in like that and have started to chip and erode.

I just nursed through it with DS1. You find the ways that work, and just do what needs done. Once they get older it seems to get a little better. Thought DS1 wasn't as bad as DS2 who isn't as bad as yours. I'm kinda suprized you haven't got cracks and he doesn't have nursing blisters. DS2 has a big old blister that just won't go away on his top lip. I noticed it in the hospital but figured once he got used to nursing it would go away, but it's still here.
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