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I feel you. I don't have too much left, but I feel like I can't lose actual fat (as opposed to weight) since I'm still bfing. I have the mirena which I also think adds to it. With my dd, i was back in my pre preg clothes in about a month. Gained 32 lbs, lost 22 in the hospital, and lost the other 10 within 2 weeks. I was smaller than before and not in a pretty way! This time... 14 months pp and I still have lots of midsection fat/10 lbs to lose. I'm short so that's a lot of weight to me. I work out and eat right. I definitely eat enough, I feel so hungry all the time! I figured whenever ds wasn't eating as much, I'd start losing. But since my 14 month old eats as much as a newbie, I haven't seen the weight come off yet. Sigh. Probably will stop nursing around 2, and then knowing my luck I'll get pregnant soon afterwards!

Make sure you eat enough calories!!!
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