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With my first son, I lost weight without trying. I was always hungry and felt like I ate a ton. My ds was quite big over 90th percentile for height and weight. I ended up 10 lbs below my original pre-pregnancy weight when I got pregnant for #2. At that time my oldest was 12 months and still nursing frequently. He weaned at 17 months.
After my second son, the weight took a little longer but did gradually come off by a year or 15 months or so. Not quite as low as after #1 but still 5 lbs or so below my pre-kid weight.
This time seems terrible! I know I am only 2 months pp but I am at my highest weight (for not being pregnant) EVER! I had about the same amount of weight gain with all 3 pregnancies - 40 lbs. I still have 25 lbs to lose to get back to my most recent pre-preg weight. I even was down a bit but have since put 7 lbs back on! Ack!
I am considering having thyroid testing done if I gain any more back.

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