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in bed feeding

so dd 3 weeks old is cosleeping right now because she wont sleep in a bassinet or anywhere really that isnt an inch away from my boob...seriously she sleeps on my boob in the curve of the nursing pillow on my tummy while i sleep in a semi sitting you can imagine this isnt so good for my back but it works for the hourly bfing sessions

however i would rather be able to bf her while i am side lying and she can nurse to sleep and i can fall asleep that way only issue is that when i am side lying and she is nursing i feel like i am suffocating her in my dd/f sized tatas....i kinda have to hold the side/top of my boob taut so that it isnt consuming her nose

is it just impossible to side feed when they are this big? because what happens is i fall asleep when she is nursing and i let go of the boob and then wake up when she is making grunting noises trying to breathe.....which is why i stopped doing this and sleep with her on top of me in the bfing pillow
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