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Mini-vent Why are big boobs so expensive????

Sorry, here i am in the middle of the night, trying to desperately find some reasonably priced nursing bras/tanks. HaHa, yea right!!!! First I find it hard to believe that my girls are larger than most other peoples (34 f/g depending) they don't seem much bigger than random people i see! are there really that many people in this world stuffing their girls in too small bras with too big bands?? why don't more companies make reasonably priced bras in a wider variety of sizes. walmart, would it kill you to offer my size instead of your 40C bras???? it doesn't use any extra fabric i'm sure!!! i'm sick of paying premium prices for a bra that fits!!!!!! arggg, i guess i should just be resolved to wearing my worn out/stretched out/poorly fitting nursing bras that i have been using for the past 3 or more years! ok end of rant! thanks to anyone that bothered to read this, just had to get it off my chest (if only that would shrink the girls up some, lol!)
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