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Re: in bed feeding

Originally Posted by sillymama View Post
I've found that angling the babies body so that her legs are closer and her head is slightly tilted at the breast works better than being parallel. I have very large breasts (I/J) and laying down has always been my favorite way to nurse in the beginning. Just remember that they get bigger and stronger each week so it may work better in a week or two.

The angle really helps. I'm small chested, but even for me, straight on doesn't work. My friend who has big boobies said she has to do the same thing. The key with side-lying, IMO, is practice, practice, practice, change, try again and again. If it doesn't work one time, try again in a few days or the next day or the next feeding if LO is older. Ask a mama who is able to do it easily, how she does it and see if she'll show you. It is SO worth it. GL!
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