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Re: in bed feeding

Originally Posted by myclanof6 View Post
I have size H so I hear ya! I also do what pp said, tuck her legs in close to my belly while her head is a little farther out, but it didn't work well like that til she was maybe 2 or 3 months old, when she was a little bigger. They get bigger and better able to turn their head the older they get. You could also try a paci too if it's just comfort sucking and she won't let go for an hour or so. (I know there are tons of moms who are gasping right now at the thought) It worked for us, it took several different types before we found the right one, we use MAM.
*gasp!* J/K lol

We didn't use a paci, mostly b/c LO would have nothing to do with it, but LO also didn't nurse every hour, every night. That probably would have lead me to find something to help ease that burden. He did nurse every 2 hrs, though, but side-lying really helped us both.

I just wanted to second the MAM pacifiers and bottles. My good friend had to take baby off the boob for 5 weeks and bottle feed pumped milk. After 5 weeks, she went right back to the booby and my friend swears it was because of the bottle: MAM. She used the slow flow and it worked great.
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