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Originally Posted by Kriket
i talked to the lcs today (lll picnic) both told me that it was tied, and it wouldn't hurt to see a dentist. They also said that since he doesn't have the "y" (your LO does Colin) that it's not severe, and since his lip comes up. The did mention with pretty good certainty that it will probably gap his teeth, but if he needs braces they will take care of it then.

They also said you do NOT have to go under to have it clipped. So, since you don't have to go under, I think I am going to call the DR they recommended. Also, in my case, it could be a fast let down so we're trying some more upright nursing posture. I don't want to say so soon that it's not going to work, but I nurse 90% of the time laying back with him on my chest lounge style. I was doing it today with purpose and thought he was getting less air and he let out THE BIGGEST belch. So.. not really working.

We'll see what the dentist says. I just hate the poor little guy's belly hurts.
Poor guy. I hope you can get it worked out. Unfortunately my insurance won't cover the dentist, but I know they will do it without the anesthesia. Apparently ENT's love putting people under- guess it's like a field day for them!!!

It's good you found it early. Dd was my first and wasn't aware of it, she screamed for three months straight poor thing. I feel so bad about it now.
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