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Re: Lip Tie

Originally Posted by Kriket View Post
I am in the same spot. You should (and I should ) actually talk to someone who could do something about it and see if they would actually need to be put under. I know it sounds brutal, but it's a pretty quick procedure, you would think they could just hold them down?

I just nursed through it with DS1. You find the ways that work, and just do what needs done. Once they get older it seems to get a little better. Thought DS1 wasn't as bad as DS2 who isn't as bad as yours. I'm kinda suprized you haven't got cracks and he doesn't have nursing blisters. DS2 has a big old blister that just won't go away on his top lip. I noticed it in the hospital but figured once he got used to nursing it would go away, but it's still here.
Glad to hear that it gets better with time. I remember an LC telling me that it would be better once he had head control. Nope. Maybe when he's a little bigger, though. Maybe. I'm gonna nurse no matter what, though, so either way.

Another LC recommended that I just nurse with a shield. I thought that was kinda not the best recommendation because I've always seen that using a shield can lower supply because of lack of stimulation and LO can hardly get a good latch on my breast. I think he'd look at me like I was crazy if I tried to get him to latch to a shield. lol I don't think he'd go for that. Its ok. I'm tough. I can take it. lol
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