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Originally Posted by colin-mylilguy
Colin has definitely been a gassy baby, but not too fussy about it. He toots and burbs and seems to be just fine with it. In the beginning I remember thinking he was uncomfortable with the gas. Probably till he was about 4 months. We got really good at bicycling his legs to help him toot and I burped him until about a month or so ago...

Well... I'm not too surprised that his lip tie is severe. His tongue tie was the worst the Pedi had ever seen... (wow. lucky us.) I just don't know who to talk to. A dentist? A Pedi dentist? His regular Pedi? Someone else? I don't want to get the run around and I won't do anesthesia at his age.

Oh, and braces... yeah, that'll be fun for him. Poor kid. Those are my genes.... I feel bad about that.

Thanks for all the great info and suggestions! I'll let you know what happens. DH is out of town for the week and we are just trying to survive till then, so it might be a week or so before I look into it.

I must have nipples of steal to deal with the soreness. lol
I would go to the pedi dentist if possible. You can try an ENT but I think they might tell you they want to put him under. You can always ask your pediatrician too. Good luck!!
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