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Re: How come knowone talks about an oversupply?

I just started block feeding today so I hope it starts to improve things! I love the idea of donating milk, do you donate locally?

colin-mylilguy: I completely understand about not wanting to talk about it with friends! While at church on Sunday I fed dd, it took 4-5 minutes Someone then made the comment "Your calling it quits already?" I just said she is efficient... Then dd spit up a bunch from eating so fast And while I was pregnant my friend kept telling me "You have to watch TV while you pump or your milk wont let down" and how she pumps for 30 minutes and gets 3 oz total (1.5 oz out of a boob at 7months pp). My milk lets down multiple times a day, without doing anything... And I pumped 7oz in less then 5 minutes a couple mornings ago I just say "okay" when she gives me her breastfeeding advice since she means well. You are totally correct when you say that its a blessing and a curse!
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