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Re: How come knowone talks about an oversupply?

It isn't as big of a problem as other issues for as many people.

I have/had a huge over supply. With my first born I could never self regulate, so. I pumped for donation for 11 months, then pumped an extra month for myself, then finally regulated are pound 1 yr and was pregnantly 14 months!!

With my 8 day old, it came in with a vengeance on day 3. I had been block feeding per my LCs advice but was still engorged by that evening. Lots of cabbage, pain, pumping, hot showers and hand expressing and I was finally able to get the boys to BOTH nurse on my super engorged side last night, freeing me from the pump.

I still have more milk than they need, am hard and lumpy, and very tender but I think having my toddler (22 months) to help out is helping. I'm avoiding the pump, drinking tons of water, and nursing on demand for both of them.

Luke- nap, bed, and if he gets hurt
Vince- every 1-3 hours, with at least 2 cluster feedings of ivermectin a hour long each day
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