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Re: Mastitis - Can DS's ped prescribe the meds to me?

oh yeah, the fever and chills and all over sick feeling is terrible, too. As if the severe pain wasn't bad enough. I got the chills and was constantly shivering. I was under a sheet and 2 thick fleece blankets and I was still shivering. then I got really really hot, so hot I had to put my son down. it was like my body couldn't make up it's mind on how I should feel.

lovewool, I am actually thinking about not taking the antibiotics this time. they were out of stock and won't have them in until tomorrow, so I haven't gotten them . I have been improving and not getting worse. I had that awful day and then started getting better. right now, it's red and tender, but not very painful like it was a couple of days ago. As soon as I woke up with it, I started with rest, pumping the good side, nursing the bad side as much as possible, ect. this go round wasn't as bad as the first round about a month ago. last time, I cried and cried I was hurting so bad. I only cried a couple of times when I had to touch my boob to nurse my son. If I recall correctly, last time I had a /"false healing?" where i started to feel better, but then got worse. i guess only time will tell.
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